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Konami Pre-E3 Conference June 1st 2012

Konami is having a pre-E3 conference…

Pre-recorded conference, with a new pes 2013 trailer?
pes 2013 e3
Watch :

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 : Pass Master

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 : Pass Master

PES 2013
Eurogamer attended the Brazilian first look of PES 2013, along with the press day.
Pro-Active AI 
“this time out, it’s more fluid, working to block off potential channels of attack. ”
Dynamic First Touch – PES FC
“Dynamic First Touch is one of the more interesting of the additions, especially when placed in contrast”
Response Defending – PES FC
“Holding down the tackle button harries an opposition player, holding up the play – while double-tapping the same button sends the player lunging in pursuit of the ball”
Player ID
“There’s Iniesta’s deft dribbling and his ability to cut a ball in with alarming precision, Ribery’s turn and Neymar’s general ability to dazzle defences with acts of incredible athleticism.”
“PES 2013 comes across as positively daring, its move towards a brand of flair football promising a game that’s uniquely intoxicating, and one that means that the series could see out this generation the way it saw out the last.”
Full article written by Martin Robinson over at Eurogamer, follow the link.

PES 2013 Screenshots [30.05.2012 release]

PES 2013 Screenshots [30.05.2012 release]


PES 2013 First Ingame Screen !!

PES 2013 First Ingame Screen !!

PES 2013 First Ingame Screen !!
* see full size, save it as wallpaper ;)

PES 2012 Corgon Liga v1.3 by fabka (Slovakia)

PES 2012 Corgon Liga v1.3 by fabka (Slovakia)

PES 2012 Corgoň liga by fabka Features :
- Compatible with KONAMI patch 1.06 & DLC 4.0
- Liga ZON Sagres replaced Corgoň Liga and D2 replaced 2. Liga
- 12 teams in Corgoň Liga
- 12 teams in 2. Liga
- Update transfers until 04/04/2012
Thanks to :
Tommsen – Chants pack
- W!ld@ – PES 2012 editor 2.0
- Barcafan – Ultimate editor & Ultimate map editor
- Juce – Kitserver 12.2.3
- Obocoman – GS
- Ron69 – Ballpack
- – kits except Corgoň liga & 2. Liga
- KO – scoreboard
- Stewie – facepack for Corgoň liga teams
Hope i didn’t forget for someone
How to install :
- Folder “corp” copy to Documents/KONAMI/Pro Evolution Soccer 2012
- Folder “corserver” & cor2012.exe copy to Program Files/KONAMI/Pro Evolution Soccer 2012
- You can use this patch with any other patch
Who dont like scoreboard, just remove all files named “corsco” from dt06.img in corserver.

Sunday, May 27, 2012 2012 Patch 3.4 - Released! #26/05/12 2012 Patch 3.4-  Jumbofiles, Mediafire, Zippyshare Download Links

New Features:
  • EURO 2012: Updated EURO 2012 squads; added EURO 2012 Add-on compatibility (download later)
  • Leagues: Adjusted league structure for England, France, Germany with newly promoted teams
  • New boots: adidas EURO 2012 Boots + Nike Clash Collection
  • New faces: About 20 new / updated faces
  • New kits: Arsenal, Barcelona, Bayern, Benfica, Celtic, Chelsea, Cottbus, Dortmund, Gladbach, Hamburg, Hannover, Hoffenheim, Ingolstadt, Ireland, Leeds, Leverkusen, Liverpool, Mainz, Manchester City, Manchester United, Marseille, Middlesbrough, Milan, Newcastle, Real Madrid, Schalke, Sochaux, Stuttgart, Swansea, Valencia, Wigan, Wolfsburg
  • New teams: SC Bastia, Jahn Regensburg
  • Transfers: Added some first 12/13 transfers for European teams

This patch will be available to free sites (Gamefront etc.) which are not paying for downloads, so please consider donating to keep the patch alive. Any donation counts. Thank you!

DOWNLOAD (3 part)

uploaded part 1
speedyshare part 1
gamefront part 2
gamefront part 3
Speedyshare part 3




Mediafire I

Mediafire II

Saturday, May 19, 2012

[PES 2012] FIFA 12 Commentary by Steven, Kimtore and Merdiso

[PES 2012] FIFA 12 Commentary by Steven, Kimtore and Merdiso
[PES 2012] FIFA 12 Commentary by Steven, Kimtore and Merdiso
Key Features:
• Brand New Authenticity: Probably the best commentating team ever met in a football video game, formed by Clive Tyldesley, and joined every match by the expert analyzer, Andy Townsend, is now ready to take the match atmosphere to a new, higher, and more realistic level, in Pro Evolution Soccer 2012.
• Revamped Experience: Discover the new key elements of your favorite game commentary. The improved scripts responsiveness is going to deliver a more complete experience, new inclusions, such as specific “World Cup” speeches and improved tactics samples, being also added, to make sure the gamers will notice a big change from the first match they take part in. Hearing both commentators getting excited in a very natural way when scoring a cracker, will make gamers feel the moment like never before in the entire PES history.
• Advanced Compatibility: Every fan who owns a PC version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 is able to enjoy the superior quality of the patch, even without having the UK version which includes the original English commentary by default. In addition, the patch is officially Online Compatible, allowing fans to fight for the UEFA Champions League trophy in a much more polished atmosphere.
Release Date – 20 May 2012

PES2012 – A.C.Milan Kits 2012-2013 (Full GDB Techfit) – by Enzo))7(( – UPDATE -

PES2012 – A.C.Milan Kits 2012-2013 (Full GDB Techfit) – by Enzo))7(( – UPDATE -
insert in “GDB” folder of your kitserver.

Bristol City FC GDB Away 12-13 by HenriikeTW

Bristol City FC Away 12-13 by HenriikeTW

Saudi Arabia GK kit by Tottimas

Saudi Arabia GK kit by Tottimas

PES 2012 Canada GDB by Tottimas

PES 2012 Canada GDB by Tottimas

PES 2012 Lebanon GDB by Tottimas

Lebanon (in collaboration with Cuky)

Chelsea 3RD 2013 [LEAKED] GDB by nabil24

Chelsea 3RD 2013 [LEAKED] GDB by nabil24