Monday, April 29, 2013

Goffertstadion PES13 by Abelcast

Goffertstadion PES13 by Abelcast

This is Goffertstadion, home of NEC Nijmegen from Holland. This is a conversion of original PES6 Forzaroma’s stadium. This update contains new publicity around the stadium. New 2 scoreboards (like the real stadium), new NEC suporters banners (some of them by Rogo), and as usual HD turf and a oliver’s sky.
Copy all the files into your dt07.img folder inside your kitserver. Replaces Bristol stadium.

Replay Disabler 2013 v1.0.2 by cabry

* works with version 1.0.0/1.0.1/1.0.2/1.0.3/1.0.4
Instruction for Version 1.0.2
If your pes 1.02 exe file is around 40MB then:
Go to your temp directory: “C:Users*YourName*AppDataLocalTemp”
Start Pes 2013.
Now switch to the temp folder (pes must still run) and look for a file, with the typical pes icon.
The file must be around 19 MB. If there are more than once, just pick one with Version
Rename the file to whatever you want and copy it to your Pes install folder.
With this file you should be able to run the game and also use this tool.

Cantona Collar Style For PES 2013 by Zimon

how to use
1. copy and paste unnamed_3.bin to dt0c.img in kitserver
2. choose your team, open config.txt in gdb-uni in kitserver (pa,pb,ga,gb)
set model = 2, save
3. play your team with cantona collar style
password: zimonimut

PES 6 Inter Milan Kits 2013/14 Home/Away by Tiyo14


PES 6 FacePack Copa Libertadores by PedroRamone24

PES 6 Facepack Fix by binpaul

includes: C. Ronaldo, D. Agger, Kagawa, T. Cleverley

Real Madrid 2012 Full Kits by MatyKits

Real Madrid 2012 Full Kits by MatyKits