Thursday, September 20, 2012 Patch 2013 0.50 Patch 2013 0.50

- Complete Bundesliga added with correct kits, logos, squads
- Premier League team names corrected and logos and kits added
- Liga ZON Sagres team names corrected and logos added
- League and Cup logos corrected
- Many faces for Bndesliga added
Note: Many things will be improved in future versions like kitsettings and so on.
Patch Team:
Barcafan,Jenkey1102 juce, Ercan Ayan( and all kit and face makers
Start the installer in the Dokan folder and install Dokan (required for KFS).
Start the installer and select your PES 2013 folder(usually located in Program Files/Konami/Pro Evolution Soccer 2013) as destination folder.
After Installer: If your PES installation is not located in the default folder, open the config.ini in the kfs folder in your PES 2013 folder
and correct the path of the afs.source and the kfs.mount according to your installation folder.
Start the game with pes2013_launcher.exe.
If you want to play without the patch (e.g. online) just start the normal pes2013.exe.
Download Patch 2013 0.50 :