Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 GAMERSONIC PATCH

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 GAMERSONIC PATCH

4 new stadiums :
Gerland stadium, Park the Princes Stadium, Emirates Stadium, City of Manchester Stadium
Leagues :
England Premier League, French League, Spanish League, Dutch League, Portuguese League, Bundesliga, 2.Bundesliga and other European clubs.
New ESPN 2 HD Scoreboard
XBOX—>PS3 Buttons
No Blur
Loading Logo
White Nets and hexagonal
Mini Turf for Gameplan with LOGO GAMERSONIC – NEW
Mini Kits for Gameplan – NEW
Trainer Chlotes- NEW
New Stadium Previews – NEW
HD Turfs for all stadiums – NEW
New Font – NEW
New Bootpack Previews – NEW
New Menu Icons – NEW
SPECIAL SAVEGAME (Gamersonicpatch Save 2012) NEW
and picture:
Licensed Clubs all emblems
Licensed Clubs all kits season 11/12
Licensed Clubs all new transfers 20.03.2012
Licensed Clubs all team names
Licensed Leagues all emblems
Licensed Leagues all names
New Menu Music
New Menu Video

PES 2011 BiH Premijer Liga Patch by BHGC Team (Amir Pjanic & Meho Alihodzic)

PES 2011 BiH Premijer Liga Patch

by BHGC Team (Amir Pjanic & Meho Alihodzic)

PES 2011 BiH Premijer Liga Patch
+ Stadiums:
+ Grbavica Stadium
+ Asim Ferhatovic Hase Stadium
+ BL City Stadium
+ Bosnia and Herzegovina Premier League
+ Federal League of Bosnia and Herzegovina
+ Translation into Bosnian
+ Full kits
+ Chants
+ Tight nets on the goals
+ Menu music by Balkan.Dj
+ New Balls
+ New Boots
+ The old National team of Bosnia
+ Adidas sweat with lines
+ Menu Pictures
+ Complete Transfers for 2010/2011 season
+ Xbox —> PS3 Buttons
+ New effects of rain
+ Banners and flags
BiH Premier League 16 teams
The Federal League of Bosnia and Herzegovina 15 teams
Thanks to:
PesEdit Team for PESEDIT 2.0 Patch
percent have worked before the patch can not remember all the people who helpedaround the patch, so excuse me … mainly because you’ll be in their files to patch …..
Install PES 2011 so there is not a patch on it …
then download “pesedit patch 2.0 ‘links below!
install it in the folder where soccer is normally installed and the location
C: Program Files Konami Pro Evolution Soccer 2011
After installing the patch from the folder where the patch is installed soccer deletefile named “kitserver“
then download the BiH Premier League Patch by: BHGC Team
After downloading the patch extract it into a folder in that folder files called“kitserver“ and “PES2012.exe“ copy in
Soccer folder installed you’ll be replacing the “pes2012.exe” you confirm with yes(yes) to do after you get back to the extracted
Premier League of Bosnia and folders from the “Save“ copy the files into your site:
C: Documents and Settings USER My Documents KONAMI Pro EvolutionSoccer 2011 save
And you can start play BiH Premier League! UPDATE 2012-the year after thewinter transfers!
by: (BHGC Team)