Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pes 2010 SoLoM Super Patch season 2012/2013

Pes 2010 SoLoM Super Patch season 2012-2013
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About Patch:
- English Albermierlij, German Bundesliga, Italian Calcio, the Spanish La Liga, French Allij -1, Eredivisie and the Brazilian league for season 2012/2013 new emerging difference and crews and the players full and full lists all the difference, according to team sites and information network FIFA
And the work of each complete transfer of the winter season 2012/2013
2 – Months Arab teams in addition to Ahli and Zamalek and Ismaili and months Latin American teams and teams months other European countries
3 – Add virtual teams: “Champions of the world, South American champions, Dreambox Tim, stars Albermierlij, stars La Liga, stars Calcio, stars Bundesliga”
4 – the classic teams: “England, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Egypt, Argentina, Brazil,” and young up-to-date for all teams: youth teams of England and Italy and Spain, the Netherlands and Germany
5 – add more than 500 new face for most of the players
6 – Update to most new teams by their formations and added Albania teams and Malaysia and Indonesia
7 – Tournaments Cambjons League, Yoruba League, World Cup 2014 Brazil, Euro 2012, the entire Alcan 2013 updated and correct slogans
8 – Updating new shoes and correct shoes most known players
9 – Add Aktar 60 callname new for most players
10 – Update crews for most of the difference for season 2012/2013 soon as they are released and mostly narrow techfit crews and the possibility of playing crews Altalt and fourth, Aktar violin and old seasons crews to most famous teams
11 – Add new stadiums: Stamford Bridge “Chelsea”, the Allianz Arena, “Bayern Munich”, Cairo International Stadium, “Egypt,” Juventus Arena “Juventus”, Union Stadium “Manchester City”, Paris St Germain Stadium and all the stadiums its real and Dkhaladtha forms Speaking flooring and real
12 – Added football Euro 2012 new balls Nike winter yellow Primera Liga and the English and Italian for the season 2013, soccer’s FA Cup, soccer Adidas for Legg -1 French new ball 2012 London Olympics, World Cup Football Club 2013, soccer pes 2012, football Alcan 2013, football Adidas F-50 X-ite new, new football Bundesliga 2013, and more and more …
13 – Add a new font for the game in the regular game and Cambjons Legg
14 – Updated Camera Match pes 2013, delete the Zionist entity and team development team Catalonia
15 – Scorburd Pace 2013 letters instead of logo, “but very few teams” and Scorburd Cambjons Legg 2013 New
16 – encouragements new teams and teams
17 – Add Jim playoffs is very difficult
18 – Add option Weil high energies 99 to all players who wish to use it