Friday, April 20, 2012

PES 2013 Teaser Trailer Cristiano Ronaldo

PES 2013 Teaser Trailer Cristiano Ronaldo

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PES 2013 Screen Leaked

Second PES 2013 Screen Leaked
PES2013 background Cristiano Ronaldo
click the thumb below to see original size.
Hint : this is the new background of the official PES YouTube Account :)
and here a possible website preview of the PES 2013 Konami Official Site. PES 2013 is coming ! :)

PES 2013 Suggestion 1

PES 2013 Suggestion 1

This is an example of how the trailer has to be.
They have to introduce C. Ronaldo life in the trailer.

PES 2013 Wishlist

PES 2013 Wishlist
Hello guys,”PES 2013 Wishlist
We are waiting yours suggestions for Developing PES 2013and make PES 2013 Wishlist. will list yours comments for send to Konami Digital Entertainment
PES2013 Wishlist
We are collects here all PES 2013 Wishlist
* Get the goal keepers sorted next year, anytime you run at the keeper, the slightest angle and you score in PES 2013
* I think a good addition to the game should be the choice what time you of the day the game is, for example  if you select to kick off at 5pm in autumn its still light outside, but it gradually gets dark, and maybe showers of rain during a match.. as a result the conditions effects your player.
* Licensed all the english club teams uniforms
* Licensed all the national team uniforms
* Add bundesliga league and premiere league(2nd)
* More popular cleats and give few space for user to creative their own cleats
* add missng players, young and retired players
* more famous stadium of english clubs
* more famous stadium of turkish clubs
* creative few famous couch manager
* more hair and accessories
* more tricks

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 ~( Upcoming )~

Razor Review

Developer: Konami | Publisher: Konami | Engine: New Engine ( Fox Engine ) |Genre: Soccer | Release Date: Q4 2012 | Platforms: PC, PS3 | ESRB: RP |