Saturday, October 20, 2012

PES 2013 EDITOR v1.7 by w!Ld@

PES 2013 EDITOR v1.7 by w!Ld@

latest changes
- some minor improvements in edit team form
- import/export GDB kit configuration files
- fixed issue with wrong allowed nationalities in different versions of editor
- fixed issue with tactical assistance settings
- fixed function "mark player on wrong position"
- improved color conversion code ( thanks PATe ) and color picker form
- improved global adjust of team sliders and added posibility to change tactics
- bugfixing
use readme or support topic(s) to provide more info!

Tool to edit 2013 Option File [ OF | EDIT.bin ].

how to use:
open option file [ EDIT.bin ] from DocumentsKONAMIPro Evolution Soccer 2013save
make a changes

known bugs:
Find them!
Some configuration files are old (looking for help)!

supported platforms:
PC only ( not planned any other platform )

edit player's
   face & hair relink
   boots relink
   shirt tucking etc.

edit team
   names ( 18 languages supported )
   team squads ( transfers via drag&drop )
   team style
   supporter, kit and radar colours
   home stadium relink
   emblems relink

   players [ CSV, XML, OF2, .Player files ( 2011 - 2013 ) ] 
   teams [ OF2, .Team files ] 
   formations [ OF2, CSV ]
   kits settings [ .Kit files ] 
   emblems [ most of graphic files ]

global adjustment of 
   macro reader [ to generate XML with global changes ] 
   all with variable options ...

league and stadium 
   names editing [ real or default names by one click ]

   footbal manager [ FM ] stats conversion 
   quick removing of fake names 
   global renaming and adjusting size and style of names 
   and much more ...

.NET Framework (at least version 3.5) - download

issues with FM converter 
   1) enable "Use integer instead float..." option in tab "Settings" 
   2) click "Save" button 
   3) restart editor

thanks to:
neogeo64, krejik, goldorakiller, Davide Citarelli, foxtrot, GOAL, Tommsen, PATe.Arminia, Kenny, seresak, pita007, vlada, skip-br, mosu90, compulsion, SMcCutcheon, FCH, Inas, seraph, -Panos-, Patros46, barcafan, EPT team, MxSoniC, arianos10, Blazor, gigimarulla, idsaturn, Nrby, zioborgo, DeFrenZ, hio, joserruiz, Simcut, Stelios, gigimarula ... and anyone forgotten ;-)

PES2013 A.C. Milan Clothes by Enzo))7((

PES2013 A.C. Milan Clothes by Enzo))7((

insert in “dt09.img” folder of your kitserver.


PES2013 Coreografie Stadi by Enzo))7((

PES2013 Coreografie Stadi by Enzo))7((
- Coreografia San Siro “ULTRAS A.C.M” + Coreografia San Siro – UPDATE -
- Coreografia Meazza “ULTRAS MILANO”
- Coreografia Juventus Stadium “VIKING” + Coreografia Juventus Stadium – UPDATE -
- Coreografia Stadio Olimpico “ROMA/1900 LAZIO”
- Coreografia Stadio Olimpico (Roma) + Add-on Coreografia “De Falchi”
- Coreografia Stadio Olimpico (Lazio) + Add-on Coreografia “Simbolo Lazio”
- Coreografia Stadio Massimino Catania (Stadio Orione)
insert in “dt07.img” folder of your kitserver.

Prime Patch Brasileirão 2012 by marc-77

Prime Patch Brasileirão 2012 by marc-77
Já vem atualizado com a versão 1.1 do jogo e compatível com o DLC 2.0
* Brasileirão 2012 Série A e B
* Todas as 6 ligas europeias do jogo
* Adicionado + 4 novos clubes europeus da Master Liga (Anzhi, Partizan, Basel, AEL Limassol)
* Adicionado mais de 500 novas faces de jogadores dos clubes brasileiros
* Adicionado o grupo “Outros times da America Latina”  com 18 novos clubes sulamericanos
* Novo ballpack by marc-77, com novas bolas adicionadas e as oficias da Série A e B do Brasileirão 2012
* Relinkados os uniformes de todas as seleções nacionais do PES 2013
—> Master Liga / Rumo ao estrelato
* Nova comissão técnica by campagnarot
* Novos Patrocinadores reais da ML by campagnarot
* Moeda reais no lugar de dolares
* Cargo “Diretor Esportivo” no lugar do olheiro
—- Outros recursos
* Novo bootpack com novas chuteiras, assim 100% na ML são reais
* Adicionado os estádios dos times do Brasileirão
* Novas placas publicitárias (adboards) do Brasileirão by marc-77
* Novos Kits dos arbitros do Brasileirão
* E muito mais… se surpreenda!

PESJP Patch 2013 Version 1.20 + JLEAGUE Beta

PESJP Patch 2013 Version 1.20 + JLEAGUE Beta

Changelog :
Add all Copa Liberdores teams in Exhibition mode
New J-League mode beta-version : will be able to play 18 teams in J-League division 1.
New teams : LA Galaxy, Red bulls New Yorks, Rubin Kazan, Anzhi
Fix some corrupted face & hair
Fix online compatible issue
Add 2 new scoreboards
More 300 new faces (total over 550)
日本語化オプションファイル:約8割 の完成度
Patch team :
* Option file edit : Ishikawa
* Kit collect & edit : Kentaro
* Graphic : Buggy
* Program, tool, design : Jenkey1002
Credits :
Special thanks to :
* Master Juce & Robbie
* kyra & PES 2012 DUAL-PATCH 2012
Pesbox , PESEDIT, Pes Galaxy, recephazir, mb_force, Crispx
Face :
* Adam99, Alex13, BlackRider1993, Cigman, Emre, El yorugua, godra94, HD3011, Hamit
Ilhan, M4rtinZ
Joesitoh, Josemigol, kell268, Kevski1991, locoloco, Lostfp, Onny,
MichalGrau, Poncho0212, Shamrik gunners, Sotirakis, Starkiller,
Tekeir17, vietanhltk, Wsdy, ReZtart
Kit :
* alen_petrin, Asiat, Astracell, Cuky, Damix, Deo reloaded, Diablos,
Josemigol, jvinu2000, klashman69, Kolia V., Liquidsnake, KVZ_MILLWALL_UC,
Mare 93, Millencolin, mstar, mb_force, Muller Bento, Prame33, R14, Sadik,
Stanek, Tottimas, Txak, Venom, VinVanDam13, Virtuared, PESEDIT
Scoreboard :
* KO, Taxk, Genko
Graphic :
* Tunizizou, cheiron, 1002mb, pesdrunk
Adboard :
* Hicksville
Turfs pack :
* Dr. Hany
Tool & third-party libraries
* Kitserver 13 by juce & Jenkey1002
* PES2012 decrypt dll by Neogeo64
* PES 2013 Ultimate Editor by barcafan
* PES Ultimate Data Explorer by barcafan
* PES2013 Editor by w!Ld@
* zlib by Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler
Recommended : uninstall old version before install
Download : 5 parts (All-in-one verion : not requires previous installation)

PeSBoX Anatolia 2013 v0.9.53

PeSBoX Anatolia 2013 v0.9.53


New leagues: Bundesliga, Spor Toto Süper Lig
New 2. divisions: Npower Championship, PTT 1. Lig
Licenced all leagues & cups
Licenced Barclays Premier League & Liga Zon Sagres teams
Correct kits for important national teams
Correct names for fake players
Some important transfers
Includes DLC 2.00
Disabled blur effect
Online competible
-Full compatible DLC 2.0 ( all transfers, all new players)
-Kitserver last version (
-Support GDB uni (STSL and Bundesliga)
-Removed 145 duplicate players in Bundesliga and nPower

Required :  PeSBoX Anatolia 2013 v0.9

PeSBoX Anatolia 2013 v0.9.53

Juventus - Udinese facespack by maze32

Juventus - Udinese facespack by maze32
Click on the image to see it full size

France & Croacia Kits by Maty

France & Croacia Kits by Maty
Click on the image to see it full size