Sunday, August 26, 2012

EXTRA PATCH DEMO V1.0 BY AMIR7 (ADD Egyptian league)

EXTRA PATCH DEMO V1.0 BY AMIR7 (ADD Egyptian league)
Add full 18 Egyptian league team
Add 11 to Club of Europe‘s biggest clubs
Add Europe Netherlands and Spain
Add all the African teams except teams Alkodifoar and Ghana will be added in the update
Add China and all of the Arab national teams in Asia
Add Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay
When you convert the language of Arabic switch teams Arabic names
dd the largest number of Egyptian and foreign faces as much as possible
Players that are their faces BUILD be similar to native players are not on other forms of Players
Most teams crews as in the original game BUILD and will be updated with the permission of Allah
Download PES2013 Extra Patch Demo v1.0 By Amir7:

dt0d download:

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