Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Patch Season 2012-2013 The galactic PES 2009 PC

Currently the best made ​​for Patch Pes 2009, which contains, faces, hairs, kits, soccer balls, major upgrades, all completasso the 2012-2013 season, patch easy to install just extract it and run the autorun!
Made by the new team galactic:
team galactic
Credits :
Editors: Jhonni De Souza, Douglas, Juninho, Vinicius Lima, Estevo Costa ,Cleudir Jr, Tiago Falcão,Pedro!
Faces, Hairs: Jhonni, Douglas Vinicius, Cleudir, Juninho.
Shields: Juninho
Kits: Vinicius Lima, Tiago Falcão
Of: Cleudir Jr, Jhonni
Menu: Jhonni, Juninho
Stages: Douglas Holland
Ballpack: Costa Estevo
Bootpack: Estevo Costa, Pedro
Playlist: Jhonni
Team Logo: Marcos Vinicius


  1. link nya udah gak berlaku, tolong upload lagi dong

  2. pliss linknya tolong di update dong gwe lgi butuh nih plizzz ya kk....?????

  3. Failed Part 1 & Part 2, plz reupload them, thanks !

  4. Hola! el link 1,2,8 estan caidos!! :(

  5. can you upload part1 and 2, thanks you so much