Sunday, September 2, 2012

PES 2013 PC Intro & Background “Messi, The Titan 2012/2013″ by SECUN1972

PES 2013 PC Intro & Background “Messi, The Titan 2012/2013″ by SECUN1972

Enter L. Messi for the PES 2013 PC, replaces the original game.
Also for video background in menu mode.
Edited and adapted to the PES 2013 by SECUN1972
high-quality audio and video.
Fund L. Messi pulled from Google and reissued by SECUN1972.
Rest of fund and montage by SECUN1972.
Video Preview : Click Here.
Preview Video Background (menu):
Copy and paste the file within the img your original PES 2013 for putting it as enter main.
Also if you want to as background (video menu)
then make a copy of the file and clobber
it to pes_topBG_E_1.sfd but music sound that
you have in the menu.

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