Saturday, October 27, 2012

PES 2012 Player Models For PES 2013 by Tottimas

This are all models that were in PES2012 that are not present in PES2013.
Copy ‘dt0c.img’ into your kitserver ‘img’ folder. If you don’t use kitserver import the bin files in your ‘dt0c.img’ file.
For kitserver, add the folowing to your kitserver config.txt file so techfit and tight kits would work correctly:
techfit.model = 113
techfit.model = 114
techfit.model = 115
techfit.model = 116
techfit.model = 117
techfit.model = 118
tight.model = 110
tight.model = 111
tight.model = 112
Explanation of previews:
Photos are from PES2012. The first number of the folder represents new PES2013 model number, the second number is old PES2012 model number.
Hopefully I made no mistakes with renaming the bins, and I hope I didn’t forget any model from 2012 that is missing in 2013.

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