Monday, November 19, 2012

PES 2013 Scoreboard Clasificatorias v1.0 by x100prefullgrone

Hello friends, today I bring a contribution that I proposed being done for a long time, per to them for lack of the same I could not do it; Now that I am a little bit but jobless person and I leave the Scoreboard Clasificatorias Brazil to them after a lot of work 2014 by x100prefullgrone in his version 1,0
  • Textures FULLHD
  • Hexaedicion thanks to GENKO06
  • Real Colors.
  • Realist Textures.
  • logo ATV HD.
  • Included Replay.
  • etc.
Good in order that they give themselves an idea of I eat quietly, I allow them to the caps:
If I am pleasing to the scoreboard, I hope so be that way, I allow them to the links of download

I wait try it and leave your comments. The best form is of thanking. ;)

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