Thursday, November 15, 2012

PesPatchID 2013 Frequently Asked Questions

PesPatchID 2013 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: "Patch is not working. Pro Evolutio"Patch is not working. Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is not installed"
A: Solution: Make sure you are using original game and not skidrow crack.

Q: "Can I play online with PesPatchID?"
A: No, For currently patch can not be played online

Q: "Where i can find PesPatchID Kitserver folder?"
A: PesPatchID kitserver folder are in the directory KONAMI \ Pro Evolution soccer 2013 \ PesPatchID. the kitserver folder named "PesPatch-13".

Q: "How to update the latest kitserver in PesPatchID?"
A: Solution:

Q: "How to remove the soundtrack to have Konamis original soundtrack again?"
A: Delete dt02.img in .../PesPatchID/img folder and delete songs.txt.

Q: "How to change scoreboard at PesPatchID (Gameplay tool by jenkey1002)?"
A; see this video

Q: "How to add a new chant into the patch?"
A: Solution:
1. Chant files must be formatted unnamed_1, unnamed_2 and so on.
2. Copy-paste into GDB\chant \"select league"\"create new folder the  team".
3. Fill in file map.txt with the format "ID" = "location chant" ex: 2484 = EPL\Chelsea.
4. Save.

Q: "How to Setting Gameplay config?"
A: Solution:

Q: "How to use/add Mega ChantPack by bboylilou?"

A: Solution:
1. Download Mega ChantPack by bboylilou.
2. Extract file rar
3. Open "Mega ChantPack Full 2013\Gameplay tool" Copy-paste into GDB Folder into "KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013\PesPatchID\PesPatch-13"
4. Download this map.txt
5. Copy-paste map.txt into "KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013\PesPatchID\PesPatch-13 GDB\chant". Replace.
6. Enjoy it..

Q: "Why sometimes no commentators??"
A:  it's a bug of chantserver beta, you can download Fix commentators here. Use Fix Commentators such as  update the latest kitserver

Q: "Why Away kit Machester United wrong??"
A: Solution:
1. Open KONAMI \ Pro Evolution soccer 2013 \ PesPatchID\PesPatch-13\GDB\uni\Club\EPL\Manchester United\pb\config.txt
2. Change kits model to 74
3. Save.

If you have other questions, please write in the comments!